Two Days Full of Networking at the EUATC Conference 


On the early morning of April 18th, I was on my way to Tallinn Airport to catch my flight to Madrid in order to participate at the EUATC annual conference T-UPDATE 2018. This year’s topic Management and Sales offered a truly welcome opportunity to look into the ways in which managers and sales teams could interact better and more effectively. These two branches, which may seem unrelated at first, are in fact closely intertwined and should, in many cases, be treated as one entity. Managers play a major role in supporting and promoting salespeople and vice versa. A good manager and a sales team should act and think like one person whose main question should be How can we promote our enterprise effectively?” Only a working symbiosis between these two could create harmony, which reflects in the performance of the company and customer satisfaction. Jessica Rathke, who provides training and consultation services to translation companies, shared a valuable idea that creating the right team around you is the key to success. That’s a suggestion to remember.

This year all attendees received useful suggestions on how to grow their company and strive for foreign markets. At first, it may seem that when a company is successful in one market, there is no reason why same success shouldn’t be expected in other markets. But reality is different and just like there is no one fixed approach to a potential customer, there are no two markets that are exactly alike. From conference panel discussions it turned out that one specific factor could develop into an obstacle – not analyzing the market properly. The suggestion was that the fundamental starting point should be the right preparation with mapped out hazards involving potential risks. It often happens that even if the expectations and goals are mapped, the risks behind them are discarded. Therefore every great leader and their team should have the ability of foresight.

When it comes to conferences, building new business connections is something that can’t be left out. I would be considered a newbie in the translation industry, therefore I used every moment of my free time to communicate with industry enthusiasts who have been working in the industry for many years, some more than 20+ years, which is quite impressive. No matter how much information we receive from industry-related books and newspapers, direct contact with someone who can be considered an expert is invaluable. We do not have the opportunity to communicate with experts living on the other side of the globe every day. Having the opportunity to speak with experts face to face is a great reason enough to attend industry conferences.

Veronica Palm
Sales and Marketing Manager

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Grata expands to offer translation services in all three Baltic languages

Grata now provides translation services into Latvian and Lithuanian. 

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Grata Continues Cooperation with the University of Tartu

Grata continues its cooperation with the University of Tartu to develop a subject field specific machine translation engine.

ND Focus – Let’s Talk about Project Managers!

ELIA’s first-ever conference for project managers took place at the beginning of December in Barcelona.

International Translation Day

Today, on September 30th, we are once again celebrating the annual International Translation Day.

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Grata turns 11!

Grata is now 11 years old!

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