Development and Sales Manager Veronica joins the Grata team


I just received my Bachelor’s degree in journalism and communication from the University of Tartu and I am now glad to be a part of Grata’s innovative and motivating team!

When doing research on possible specialties before entering the University, I knew right away that communication is my calling. The importance of communication is often underestimated because people tend to take it for granted. However, good messages are useless if they don’t reach the right target audience or if they don’t get the right kind of information across. Nowadays when uniqueness and differences are more valued than ever before, effective communication is the key to creating any kind of coherence.

Besides communication, I have always been interested in marketing, which is in fact closely related to communication. Both require awareness, clear definitions, good understanding, great strategies, tactics and solutions. Marketing fascinates me thanks to its ever-changing nature and it provides many opportunities for personal development. There’s no one fixed and defined approach to potential clients or audiences. Every move has to be a part of a greatly crafted process, characterized by thorough research and well thought-out actions. In order to keep up with the processes, you have to be constantly one step ahead of them. Effective marketing requires foresightedness and knowledge of your target audience and potential clients – answers have to exist even before the questions arise.

My aim at Grata is to develop and move together with the company towards desired goals. When doing research on Grata, I saw a company that values development and new challenges. For a fresh graduate like me, Grata provides an excellent platform for putting my knowledge into use and realizing my potential.

 “Our job is to connect to people, to interact with them in a way that leaves them better than we found them, more able to get where they’d like to go.” – Seth Godin

Veronica Palm
Development and Sales Manager

Merging with interlex


Two Days Full of Networking at the EUATC Conference 


Grata expands to offer translation services in all three Baltic languages

Grata now provides translation services into Latvian and Lithuanian. 

Grata Continues Cooperation with the University of Tartu

Grata continues its cooperation with the University of Tartu to develop a subject field specific machine translation engine.

ND Focus – Let’s Talk about Project Managers!

ELIA’s first-ever conference for project managers took place at the beginning of December in Barcelona.

International Translation Day

Today, on September 30th, we are once again celebrating the annual International Translation Day.

Grata joined Elia


Grata turns 11!

Grata is now 11 years old!

Grata Machine Translation


A Special Holiday Thank You!


Grata`s new look and website

We are finally ready to present to you our new look and website!
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